‘A Taste of Summer’ Watermelon Sculpture | The Sound of Sculpting

Comment below what’s your favorite summer fruit?

For my ‘The Sound of Sculpting’ series, do you guys prefer only ASMR sounds without the background music like the gold pillow tray video – https://youtu.be/paNVlNfOiMg or like this one, where there’s background music playing. Please let me know! 🙂 Summer went by so quickly for me this year, maybe because I was extremely busy for the month of July and August. A lot happened and I was very stressed and exhausted. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!


Artwork Info:
Not available
Size: Approx. 7″L x 7″W x 4″H
Medium: Epoxy clay, Swarovski Rhinestones.

▶︎ FAQ

What type of clay do you use?
– Epoxy clay (Apoxie Sculpt, white).

What do you use to smooth out the clay?
– Water.

What paint do you use?
– Golden High Flow Acrylics.

What airbrush do you use?
– Iwata Neo CN Gravity-Feed Airbrush.

What do you use to seal your sculptures?
– Golden Matte Varnish Spray.

What glue do you use to attach crystals?
– E6000. Don’t forget to use it in a well-ventilated room and wear a mask while using it. 🙂



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