American Modern Opera Company – Excerpt from “With Care” | A Take Away Show with WQXR

If you don’t know WQXR already, they are a New York City’s sole classical music radio station, presenting new and landmark classical recordings as well as live concerts from prestigious NYC venues. It was therefore obvious to create a series of Take Away Shows with them, directed by our long term friend Derrick Belcham, to expand our horizons to another world that we were just touching. The result is a rich musical experience through different instruments, voices and talents. Four videos and four experiences to take you away with passion and emotion.

A Film by Derrick Belcham
Executive producers : Christophe Abric, Justin Sergi & Derrick Belcham
WQXR x La Blogothèque was developed by Shannon Connelly, Christophe Abric & Justin Sergi
Special thanks to AMOC, Clemency Burton-Hill, creative director, WQXR & Jacqui Cheng

American Modern Opera Company
Excerpt from “WITH CARE”
Created by Bobbi Jene Smith
In collaboration with Keir Gogwilt

Miranda Cuckson, violin
Keir Gogwilt, violin
Yiannis Logothetis, dancer
Bobi Jene Smith, dancer

“Wonderful” (2017), created by Maxine Doyle and Bobbi Jene Smith
“Chaconne, Partita No.2 in D Minor”, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach

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