Artist Judi Werthein ‘We Need to Pussify the Art World’ TateShots


Meet Judi Werthein, an Argentinian artist based in Miami. Werthein’s art confronts issues of cultural identity, commerce and the social policies that govern them.

‘My interest is to relate to the masses, not to the small circle of the art world ’ says the artist,who aims to create new experiences and enable cultural crossovers within public spaces.

In 2005, Werthein set up a trainer brand, Brinco (‘jump’ in Spanish). She distributed the trainers free of charge to people attempting to cross the border illegally in Tijuana, Mexico. At the same time, just over the border in the US city of San Diego, she sold the shoes as ‘limited edition’ art objects for over $200 a pair. Werthein donated part of the money she raised to a Tijuana shelter helping migrants in need.

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Cinematographer: Christian Haberkern

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