Cabane ft. Kate Stables & The Fantasy Orchestra | A Take Away Show

Shot in Les Grands Voisins, Paris
in July 2020

Directed by Brieuc Segalen
Sound Direction by Alban Lejeune, Oscar Ferran & Elliott Sebbag
Mix by Oscar Ferran
Post-production by Alexandre Sellem & Ambre Fournier
Produced by Philippine Graffard for La Blogothèque

Featuring The Fantasy Orchestra :
Kate Stables, Albin de La Simone, Anne Gouverneur, Emma Broughton, Lehna, Faten Asselin-Mehzoud, Camille Saint-Marany, Jesse Vernon, Francesca Gozzolino, Bertrand Vaxelaire, Yohav Oremiatzki, Thomas Bartlett, Louise Thiolon, Elise Peroi, Laura Etchegoyen, Elisa Prete, Stanislas De Lussac, Céline Duong, Ursule Adomat, Christopher Winwood, Marion Leloutre, Tania Taheni, Soizic Tanio, Catherine Sabali, Clémentine March, Olivier Larique, Pierre Legay, Abby Tsype, Loic Seite, Karine Berthereau, Rebeka Hassoun

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