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Sculpting Hirikka from The Witcher

In this video I’m sculpting Hirikka from the Witcher lore hmm sounds familiar.. Tools and Supplies that I use to make art: ► Equipement that I use to make my videos: ► Support the channel: ► ►Instagram: ►Merch: Leave a like if you enjoyed this art video. Subscribe and tick the notification bell […]

FIXED my shattered carving made from 1000’s of COLORED PENCILS

Hello my little Dukeys! I FINALLY HAVE MERCH!! We spent a buttload of time getting the designs perfect, also making sure the shirts and hoodies were very high quality and super soft. I promise you will be happy with them. If you appreciate what I do, and want to help support me. The best […]

Making Elf Ornaments/Decor | Sculpting & Painting Process | Happy Holidays

I named them Do Re Mi Fa So La – Dolly, Rebecca, Michele, Faith, Sophie, and Laura. 🙂 They will be available on my website soon, stay tuned! ‣ By the way, you don’t have to hang them on trees. Each of them weighs around 0.6lb and can be a little heavy for smaller […]

Goldfish Clay Sculpture | Sculpting Process | The Sound of Sculpting

This is a collaboration with my talented painter friend Happy D Artist – Happy and I go way back. For those of you who don’t know, she is the one who inspired me and encouraged me to become a freelance artist when I was deciding whether to pursue my dream or work as a […]

SCULPTING RIVEN for RIOT games in Chavant clay Sculpture_Geek Sessions Episode 07

Play Legends of Runeterra FREE here – I was super lucky to be called in on a collab with Riot Games! Thanks for watching and play Legends of Runeterra!! FULL LENGTH SCULPTING TUTORIALS AVAILABLE HERE- INSTAGRAM:… PATREON: WEBSITE FACEBOOK: TWITTER: TWITCH: BLOG at Sculpture, film, and […]

We tried to cook the Spirited Away feast | No face friendsgiving | Funny cooking moments

Thank you to my cute friend Christine for making one of my childhood dream meals with me. Christine’s cooking Instagram – She created a Youtube channel after this, please check it out and show her some love if you enjoy cooking and kpop contents hehe! – Do you guys like the little character […]

‘You Are My Galaxy’ Cat Sculpture Inspired By Sailor Moon | Commission Work

This sculpture is dedicated to my client’s cat Oscar who recently passed away. It’s inspired by Luna from Sailor Moon. Oscar has these beautiful markings on him and we thought it would be cool to turn them into mini galaxies. Artwork Info: Not available Size: Approx. 7″L x 5″W x 12″H Medium: Epoxy clay, acrylic […]

Turning Plastic Forks into ART with FIRE

Get the best discount of the year on Raycons! Now through the end of November, go to to get 20% off your order! Go subscribe to @I did a thing ! Seriously go check out his channel. Instead of throwing away your plastic forks, knifes and spoons. Make some art ya goobus. Dance Of […]

Making Creative Sugar Cookies | Inspired By Asian Elements & Pattern

Thank you for all the love on my mooncake video! This is kind of an impromptu baking video hehe. I made some regular sugar cookies the other day, and it got me thinking: since cookie dough is so similar to clay, maybe I can do something fun & creative with it! As you guys know, […]

Making Jeffy SML

Subscribe to my puppet/plush channel: In this video I’m making puppet Jeffy from SML Supermariologan. Want more? Like and Subscribe. Tools and Supplies that I use to make art: ► Equipement that I use to make my videos: ► Support the channel: ► ►Instagram: ►Merch: Leave a like if you enjoyed this […]

The Making of ‘Lulu’ | My First Collectible!

This piece is dedicated to my mom, my role model, my support, and my inspiration. My limited edition collectible statue ‘Lulu’ is now available for preorder ‣ The deer looking creature represents my mom, and I’m the pouty bunny on her back. It depicts an interesting relationship I had with my mom growing up. […]

Halloween Makeup Look Inspired by My Sculpture | Traditional Chinese Hairstyle | 金鱼精 Goldfish Spirit

The look is inspired by this sculpture ‣ I know it didn’t turn out perfect, but I tried haha! Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final look (except for the cracks :P). It was hard to keep my forehead completely still during the process, and maybe I should’ve done my hair first. Also, liquid […]