Clever HOT GLUE Hacks || 20 Glue Gun Crafts & DIY Ideas by Crafty Panda Go

Have a hot glue gun laying around and never found any use for it? Or maybe you did, but now you are looking for more clever glue gun ideas on how it could be used? Here are a number of DIY ideas for your glue gun! You can solve a lot of your daily problems with a few droplets of hot glue! Like making yourself stand a little taller, fixing damaged charger cables, creating an anti-slip shower mat, and many other awesome crafts! Stay tuned for these and a whole bunch of other glue gun hacks, crafts and DIY ideas by Crafty Panda Go!

00:00 Glue Necklace
00:36 Hot Glue Earrings
01:21 Glue Magnets
01:58 Brush Cover
02:56 Glue Fruit Bowl
03:40 Glue Mousepad
04:10 Broken Key Removal
04:27 Glue Stencil
05:02 Glue On Cabinet Doors
05:16 Insoles For Height
06:39 Charging Cable Fix
07:02 Glue Shower Mat
07:39 Loose Ring Fix
07:56 Glue Button
08:28 Toothbrush Cover
08:53 Colorful Needle Pins
09:25 Glue Phone Case
09:58 Glue Paintings
10:32 Glue Magic Wand
11:17 Mini Magnets

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