DIY Reindeer With Xmas Decoration Balls – Narrated

This tutorial shows how to make a DIY Xmas decoration using burgundy balls to form a reindeer´s head.
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List of materials:

– Quad notebook –

– To draw the sketch I used my lovely Kaweco Steel Sport fountain pen, but this could have been done with anything that writes. However, in case you want to check the pen out, here it is –

– 70 Xmas ball ornaments: 2” (5 cm) Burgundy, shinny. I couldn´t find on Amazon the same ones I used. On this link there are some similar ones so you can take a pick, but the main difference is that the ones I used in the project are made out of plastic, and they are more shinny –

– Wooden board painted white, 32 1/2 x 48 inches (83 x 122 cm)

– Finishing Nails, 1” long (2.5 cm), 18 gage thick –

– Tape measure, 16´ (5m), it obviously can be smaller, but this one is the one I used –

– A pencil

– Hammer. Any hammer will do. (The one in the link is not the same I used, but it is better for the job since you can pull out nails with it if you make a mistake) –

– Hanging hooks (you can also use partially unbent paper clips, to hang the balls)

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Recording Equipment:

Video camera: Panasonic HC-V380K –

“L” shaped camera tripod –

Mic: Blue Jeti –
Pop filter (Mic screen) –
Mic Foam Windacreen –

– Lighting: Studio soft boxes:

Laptop: Apple MacBookPro 13”. Mine is an older version of this beauty: (note, the software I use for editing is Final Cut.)

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