Emeka Ogboh – ‘Lagos is a City That is Never Silent’ | TateShots

When Emeka Ogboh first moved to Berlin he couldn’t sleep because it was so quiet. Growing up in Lagos, the artist was surrounded by the city’s constant and powerful soundscape, and upon leaving the city he was struck by the ability of sound to immerse and transport the listener physically.

In his 2017 installation piece, ‘The Way Heavenly Things are Going’, first exhibited at Documenta 14 in Athens, he brings together a traditional Greek song of lamentation with a real time report of the stock market indexes.

The artwork takes its title from a Bob Marley song and references the ongoing global financial crisis as well as mass migration and displaced communities.

Emeka Ogboh’s work ‘The Way Earthly Things Are Going’ was on display at Tate Modern (2018): https://goo.gl/ksN3kN

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