HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE | Make Your Own Online Art Portfolio! ✨

Create your own website with Wix:

Hi everyone! In this video, I wanted to talk about how to make an art portfolio website. Creating an online art portfolio is a big step in branding yourself as a creative in the industry and setting yourself up with a professional landing page for clients and sponsors. In this video, I’m going to be utilizing Wix to show you how I redesigned my own portfolio website and some of the things I kept in mind for the redesign. I wanted to have a simple and clean page that my audience can go to, and I wanted to have something that I could easily build upon in the future (adding my online shop, FAQ section, blog, etc.) Hopefully this tutorial was helpful for you on how to build a website, and I want to know what questions you have about the process! My next video on websites will be about SEO management and some more tips to keep in mind when building your own art portfolio.

0:00 Intro
1:48 Why you should choose a Premium site
2:20 Choosing a template
4:04 Adding your logo
4:25 Changing fonts and colors
6:45 Adding a menu
8:31 Editing an image in the Wix Editor
9:30 Adding an Instagram feed to the site
10:11 Adding a gallery
10:42 Personalizing the About Me page
12:19 Connecting your domain

Website & Shop:

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