I turn two screwdrivers into Deadpool’s katanas

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Yes, I really did make these from two regular screwdrivers I got from the pawn shop. I tried hardening and tempering them this time, which should mean the blades will stay sharp longer. Also, the colors that I added were just sharpie coated with flat lacquer to seal it in.

Thank you so much to “Not That Bad Gaming” AKA Lex for the incredibly generous donations. Everyone go check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6GqH7w6ImYLPsFuvpk3nGg

Remember, if you see me at VidCon come up and say “I want that!” for a chance to win the Rick rock. I will be tweeting updates of my location.

Songs Used
Venus by Squiid (Epidemic Sound)
Pathfinder by Kubbi ( https://www.kubbimusic.com )

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