Judy Watson – ‘Artists are Strange Creatures’ | Artist Interview | TateShots

Meet Judy Watson, the artist exploring her Aboriginal heritage and using art to bring about social change.

Judy Watson was born in 1959 in Munduberra, Queensland, Australia and lives and works in Brisbane.

The artist uses printmaking, drawing, painting and installation to explore themes relating to her Aboriginal heritage.

Watson’s matrilineal family is from Waanyi country in Northwest Queensland and her work is inspired by traditional Waanyi culture.

‘Artists are strange creatures’, Watson says. ‘We have that passion to follow through working with chaos, issues within the environment, racial issues – which I look at a lot.’

‘As soon as you start channelling who you are into your artwork, you will have more inner strength and be able to deal with adversity,’ she continues.

Look closer at Judy Watson’s art: https://bit.ly/2wgH0np

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