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Hey guys! Okeydokey. This week has been intense for me. In addition to schoolwork and having two bigger projects due this past week, I switched dorms to room with an art buddy I have; she’s great, and I’m so happy with the move! It did take a while to lug all my stuff to the fourth floor and then to organize what I brought up. The next thing that happened was that I GOT A NEW COMPUTER YAY! My old laptop, even though it has okay specs, just didn’t work with any of my painting software, so I invested in a gaming laptop (Alienware) that could handle all painting and screen recording I threw at it, and I’m so happy with my decision! It can record 60 fps in real time with no problem, so this is gonna be perfect for some secret projects I have in mind. The next unfortunate incident that happened this week is that my Wacom Intuos Pro is malfunctioning. The pen doesn’t respond half the time, and I was super frustrated that I wasn’t able to use one of my highest quality tablets. I contacted their support team, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Lastly, my mom came to visit me on Friday, and she brought me a bunny to cuddle. It was great. (And she brought my huge Huion Giano tablet to replace the Intuos for now.) All in all, it was a good but eventful week, so I barely had any time to record a good meaty speedpaint for you (I like cringy word choices sometimes, no judgement). I’m hoping to put out some more intricate digital paintings soon! That’s about it. Thanks for sticking around and being my supporting buddies!


Mist and Clouds- Kai Engel

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