Sneaky Zombie! Crazy Ways To Sneak Candy Into Class, Funny School & Food Pranks by Crafty Panda GO

Hey there, School Pandas! Brains are not the only thing that zombies eat! They love candy as much as you do, if not even more! In fact, they love it so much that they will think of crazy ways to sneak candy into school! And that’s not all – they know a bunch of funny food pranks that they like to pull on their classmates! So stay tuned for these funny food sneaking ideas and crazy school pranks by sneaky zombies from Crafty Panda GO!

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00:00 How To Sneak Worms In Hair
00:48 Teeth Shaped Tic Tac
01:51 Sleeping Friend Prank In Class
02:53 Raw Meat Gum
03:56 Balloon Hand Prank
04:32 Zombie Hot Dog
05:05 Skittles In School
07:00 Edible Slime In Class
08:14 Recipe For Edible Chalk
09:34 How Teacher Hides Candy In Plant
10:38 DIY Phone Juice

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