‘Water Fairy’ Making Process | Epoxy Clay Sculpture

Happy Saturday! This sculpture took me almost two months to finish, and I’m so excited to share the making process with you. I’ve been obsessed with water elements lately. I spent a lot of time figuring out the colors for the dress because I want the colors to complement the sculpt, and I was afraid […]

Silly Food Hacks! How To Keep Your Chips Fresh For Longer Time

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Funny Makeup Situations & Beauty DIY | 9 Crazy Beauty Hacks For Girls

Who struggles with makeup every day? I know I do! What if we tried some makeup hacks? We prepared a bunch of funny makeup situations that you’ll find relatable and we have solutions to those girly problems! Watch our crazy beauty hacks and learn all kinds of tricks and tips. Stay tuned for more hacks […]

Amazing LEGO Creations & 16 Other Cool Things ▶2

Hello and welcome to Quantastic, and what a special episode we have for you today. This time we are visiting LEGO builders to see what they are up to these days. We have put together a few classic styles together with some extremely intriguing art forms that will blow your mind. Check Out These Amazing […]

MARKETING TIPS FOR ACTORS- Social Media Promotion Mistakes!

MARKETING TIPS FOR ACTORS- The biggest social media promotion mistakes for actors. Social media can be an awesome way to spread the word about your acting projects or content if you know how to do it correctly. But you have to be smart and savvy about how you promote yourself if you actually want to […]

Creative AMONG US Ideas That Are At Another Level ▶5

This time we have Among Us themed episode, packed with artist ideas related to the game. If you don’t already know Among Us is a fascinating multiplayer game set aboard a damaged spaceship. We hope you enjoy all these inspiring and entertaining clips as much as we do here at Quantastic. Check Out These Amazing […]

7 WAYS TO SNEAK FOOD INTO THE GYM! Clever Hacks & Funny Snack Sneaking Ideas by Crafty Panda GO

Hey, Sports Pandas! No time for rest as we dive into more clever hack ideas on how to sneak food into the gym! Bench pressing pizza? Yes please! Soda-filled leg weights? That’s our kind of weight lifting! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny snack sneaking ideas by Crafty Panda Go! If you enjoyed […]

HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE | Make Your Own Online Art Portfolio! ✨

Create your own website with Wix: http://www.wix.com/SaraTepes Hi everyone! In this video, I wanted to talk about how to make an art portfolio website. Creating an online art portfolio is a big step in branding yourself as a creative in the industry and setting yourself up with a professional landing page for clients and sponsors. […]

How to become confident with your art

In this video I show you a watercolor painting of a wolf I did a while ago and I’m sharing how to become more confident with your art. ————————————————- ▶️ PRODUCTS USED: – Vernissage Brushes from „Müller“. Alternatively I recommend these: https://amzn.to/39INgsn * – Arteza Watercolors: https://amzn.to/3mrbcW5 * – Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook: https://amzn.to/39PJyx1 * ————————————————- […]


Hey there, trickster Pandas! Are you up for some surprise pranks? We have prepared the top 10 best funny DIY ideas to prank your friends and family! Learn all kinds of crazy ways to trick them. Fill your sister’s toothpaste with worms or fill your friends’ drinks with toothpaste! These crazy food prank ideas and […]