Get Twitter Followers for Actors (Heidi Dean with Backstage Casting)

Get Twitter Followers for Actors (Heidi Dean with Backstage Casting)- Struggling with growing a following on Twitter for your acting career? This LIVE video with Backstage Casting will give you 10 steps to take today to grow an engaged (real) following on Twitter. Want me to help you use Twitter to make connections for your […]

BIGGEST MISTAKES Actors Make On Social Media (for their acting career)

BIGGEST MISTAKES ACTORS MAKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA (for their acting career). Social media for actors can help them network, build relationships, and advance their acting careers. But when used incorrectly, it can make actors look foolish and hurt your acting career. Today I’ll break down the biggest mistakes I see actors making on social media […]

Get More Followers on Instagram for your Acting Career – Instagram for Actors

GET MORE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR ACTING CAREER (Instagram for Actors) Struggling to get followers on Instagram for your acting career? I’m here to help! These are the 3 BIGGEST mistakes that actors make all.the.time. that keep them from growing their following on Instagram 😳Plus I show you how to fix them so you […]