25 GLUE GUN AND 3D PEN HACKS || Easy DIY Doll Remakes

HOW TO USE A 3D PEN AND HOT GLUE TO FIX ANYTHING 3D pens are all the rage right now and today I show you some smart tricks and fixes you can try with them. I also show you some unexpected ways to use hot glue in your daily life. For starters, I show you […]


AMAZING PHONE IDEAS AND TRICKS TO GIVE YOUR GADGET THE BEST LOOK It’s time to get your craft supplies out and try something new with your phone. In this video, I’m sharing some amazing tips and tricks that will help you relax using your phone case. You don’t need to take a makeup bag when […]

Meticulous Doll Maker Takes 45 Days To Make Amazing Feet And Heels

Check Out This Amazing Artist: 光年0927 Bilibili: https://space.bilibili.com/3985345 This artist shows how he creates the feet and heels for his handmade dolls. He takes into consideration every little detail to make them look as real as possible. The heels are done with amazing designs and they even have details on the shoe sole! Check this […]

This Russian Artist Creates Extremely Realistic Dolls That Will Creep You Out | Michael Zajkov

This weeks artist is Michael Zajkov, a Russian artist who creates amazing hyper realistic dolls. His social media has reached over a million followers and we understand why! It is amazing to watch his creations and understand how they are made from scratch. Tell us what you think! Check Out This Amazing Artist: Artist: MICHAEL […]

Fairy Makeup & Dress Making | Polymer Clay Sculpture

Hi lovelies, I’m so sorry for my absence on youtube in the past month. If you don’t follow me on other social media you probably didn’t know that I recently moved into a new apartment! I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN STUDIO YAY! (studio tour coming soon for sure. Stay tuned! ) For those of you […]

Bendy and the Ink Machine + Hello Neighbor FUSION ART CHALLENGE

Today I will make a fusion art challenge: I will mix Bendy and the Ink Machine with the Hello Neighbor and polymer clay. The final effect I called Hello Bendior. Hope you liked it and let me know if you want more this type of art challenge videos! Check out my other Bendy and the […]