Bendy and the Ink Machine + Hello Neighbor FUSION ART CHALLENGE

Today I will make a fusion art challenge: I will mix Bendy and the Ink Machine with the Hello Neighbor and polymer clay. The final effect I called Hello Bendior. Hope you liked it and let me know if you want more this type of art challenge videos! Check out my other Bendy and the […]

WHAT WILL BE NEXT? Q&A Reading your comments #1 +2017 Summary

Today I do Q&A. I will be reading your comments because there was a lot of repeating questions recently and in this one video I will answer them. Also in this video I will summarize 2017 and I will show all the polymer clay creations that we done in 2017. Again Thank you for beign […]


Today I will make fusion art challenge, I will mix Hello Neighbor, Minecraft and polymer clay into one creation. My polymer clay and tools: Check out my other craft videos: Leave a like if you enjoyed this fusion craft challenge Subscribe and tick the notification bell (🔔) to see more my videos and […]