SCHOOL PRANKS! 12 DIY Back To School Pranks, Life Hacks and Funny Tricks

Hey there, Nerdy Pandas! Take a look at these school crafts & school pranks! Try making your own awesome paperclip slingshot or try to hide your phone in a vocabulary book! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more fun back to school ideas by subscribing to our channel! 00:00 Learn To Hide Your Messy Wires […]

AMAZING DIY SCHOOL HACKS! 11 Easy Crafts Funny Tips and Tricks For Back to School

Hey, are we ready to get back to school, guys? With these amazing DIY school supplies, you’ll be ready for all future exams! Learn to make a school supply organizer using notebook or discover how to make some fancy pencil cases at class! Stay tuned for even more cool school hacks pranks and school crafts […]


BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS AND DIY’s THAT WILL ONLY TAKE 5 MINUTES Now that everything is going back to normal, and everyone is going back to school and to their classes, I wanted to show you some brilliant back to school tips and tricks that will improve your life. In the first video section, I […]

9 Creative School Supply Hacks! DIY School Crafts And More Ideas

It can be tedious waiting for summer holidays, so how about some creative school crafts to make things more exciting? Learn how to make a pencil case out of cardboard, use your pen as a ruler, and stay organized! These creative hacks and more school supply DIY ideas are ready for you to enjoy! 00:00 […]

9 School Supply Hacks! DIY School Tips & Tricks And Other Fun Ideas

Not a fan of wasting old school supplies? Neither are we! How about we repurpose those daily accessories for other uses. Learn how to turn your mascara wand into a highlighter, hot glue your way to a pencil case and much more! 0:00 Notebook T-Shirt 1:05 Hot Glue Pencil Case 2:42 Easy Grade Changing 3:18 […]

How Anime Deals With History (My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Gundam Wing) – Wisecrack Edition

Create your own website for FREE ► Use promo code “”WISECRACK15″” to get 15% off all yearly plans! Thanks to Wix for sponsoring this episode! Subscribe to Wisecrack! ► Join WisecrackPLUS for EXCLUSIVE content! ► Have you ever wondered why so many animes focus on children being trained to fight wars? Just […]