HILARIOUS LIFE HACKS! 9 Fun DIY Life Hacks & Funny Moments

Not all life hacks should be taken seriously! Some of them can be used just for fun! Construct a contraption to dip your teabag, hide a hole in your sock, or simply make a spoon out of a yogurt lid. Stay tuned for all of these and more fun life hacks and funny situations! 00:00 […]

OMG! CRAZY SCHOOL PRANKS. 12 DIY back to school pranks and hacks by 5-Minute crafts

Funny School Prank ideas only your Best Friends can handle Since most of us are now back to school, let’s have some fun with our friends. Today, I show you some hilarious pranks and other fun ideas that will make you laugh. All of them are lighthearted, so feel free to share them with your […]

FUNNY THINGS ONLY GIRLS UNDERSTAND || Clever Life Hacks For Girls And Relatable Couple Situations

Hilarious couple moments and relatable situations most of us have been through Girls tend to be a bit harder on themselves than guys, and truth be told, we all struggle with our appearance. Those who have curly hair want straight hair, and those with straight want curly hair. We’ll also scroll through social media and […]


Hilarious prank ideas you should play on your friends and family If you’re looking for prank ideas, chances are, someone played a joke on you and you want to get back at them. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I give you some of my funniest jokes and pranks your family, friends, roommates, […]

26 Funny Pranks and Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Hilarious prank ideas you can try on anyone There’s no better feeling than the satisfaction of successfully pranking someone. Whether this is your best friend, your partner, roommate, or even your coworker. The look they have on their face after you’ve pulled a successful prank makes all the planning worth it. Pranking keeps relationships alive, […]

Funny Situations We All Faced

Hilarious things that will make you relate in every aspect Sometimes we grow through things that make us want to disappear – especially when we embarrass ourselves in front of a ton of people. And in this video, I show you some relatable things all of us experienced at least once to show you that […]

Have A Delicious Food… Prank! Easy Yet Hilarious Prank Ideas And More

Who is the best ally to choose when you have an urge to prank someone? Why, it’s the fridge, of course! Usually, it’s filled with all sorts of cool food items to help you out with your master plan! Create some… mmm… delicious-looking… Candy Onions! Or perhaps ice cream made with charcoal! Or, if you’re […]

24 Genius Hacks For Lazy People

Proof that only geniuses can be lazy Some people call others lazy because they can’t be bothered with difficult tasks. But, only lazy people can come up with inventive ways to get things done without struggling or spending a bunch of time. For example, you can attach an inflatable ball on the back of your […]


HILARIOUS PRANK IDEAS NOBODY CAN RESIST REPEATING It’s important to have fun with your friends and share a laugh, so today I show you some fun ideas you’ll truly enjoy. Bringing a birthday cake is getting too old. If your friend likes burgers and fast food, you can create a giant birthday cake burger from […]


HILARIOUS SITUATIONS ALL OF US EXPERIENCE AT LEAST ONCE If you ever feel that you’re unlucky and weird stuff always happens to you then you are not alone. All of us go through those weird situations and in this video, I’m sharing with you some funny clips to help you understand what I mean. For […]


BRILLIANT HACKS THAT WILL HELP YOU PASS THE TIME If you’re looking for new ways to pass the time and prank your friends, then you’ll love this video. Because I show you some fun ideas and hacks you’ll love trying. If one of your friends fears spiders, you can draw a mini spider on a […]


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