SWEET SCHOOL HACKS! 11 Ways To Sneak Food Into Class and DIY Edible School Supplies

Mmm… Delicious, yummy, crunchy food is just waiting for you! But sadly, teachers won’t allow snacking during class! What to do? What to do?… We’ve got some cool school hacks to help you! Use candy instead of an eraser or make some edible chalk to surprise your classmates! And if these pranks make you thirsty, […]

Unusual Ways to SNEAK SNACKS INTO THE MOVIES! Cinema Pranks and Funny Situations

Hey there, Sneaky Pandas! Do you get really hungry when watching a movie in the cinema? With these sneaky movie theater ideas on how to sneak snacks into the movies, there’s no security guard that can stop you! Check out how to hide drinks under your hoodie or use an umbrella to cover up that […]

SNEAK FOOD BACK TO SCHOOL! 10 DIY School Pranks Ideas and School Hacks

Ah, the teacher confiscated your snacks again? Seriously? Or maybe you weren’t sneaky enough! Believe it or not, there are some cool food hacks that we’re about to show you! Learn to disguise your favorite sweet candy as school supplies or hide a whole pack of snacks in your notebook! Stay sneaky and stay tuned […]


At-school hunger can strike you at any time! That’s why you need to always be prepared and have some snacks with you. But what to do if the teacher doesn’t allow you to bring any food to class? That’s where we can help you! We prepared a bunch of smart ways to sneak snacks into […]