László Krasznahorkai Interview: I Didn’t Want to Be a Writer

A castle and solitary knights in the mist. Sounds like the scene of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? In fact, this is a small town on the Romanian-Hungarian border in which the lauded Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai grew up. Watch him share his engaging story, which includes a job as a night watchman for a […]

László Krasznahorkai on Allen Ginsberg

László Krasznahorkai is considered one of the most significant contemporary Hungarian writers and has been compared to authors such as Dostoyevsky and Kafka. In this video, he talks warmly about his friend, the iconic American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, in whose New York apartment he lived in the 1990s. “It was easy to be friends […]

Péter Nádas Interview: The Role of the Writer

“I have a political animal lurking within me.” Péter Nádas, a major central European literary figure, was banned from writing for several years in the 1960s. In this video, he explains why he doesn’t consider himself a political writer, but that his obligation lies with his characters and the moral content and purpose of his […]

Péter Nádas Interview: How I Write

Hungarian writer Péter Nádas is a frequent contender for the Nobel Prize in Literature and widely regarded as one of the key European writers today. In this video, he uncovers his approach to writing, including why he conveys complicated things through a first-person narrator. “I have spent my life between imagination and reality.” Nádas finds […]