Roxane Gay on Julie Mehretu

“Every inch of canvas is visually arresting. The parts are as compelling as the whole. To say it is beautiful is to do the work a disservice. Instead, it is overwhelming,” the acclaimed writer says of a massive painting by American painter Julie Mehretu, who she feels “disrupts the discipline of architectural drawings” and imposes […]

The Hunger Games: Revolutions Are Hard To Write

The first 1000 people will get 2 months of Skillshare free: Donate to help the protests: Many science fiction and fantasy stories depict rebellions, but we rarely get to see how they’re formed and they are often sidelined by the actions of the main character. In this video, I take a look at […]

Roxane Gay: Reading from ‘Hunger’

“I’ve always found that the things I find the most intimidating end up being the most intellectually satisfying. And so I wrote a book called ‘Hunger’, about what it means to live in a fat body in a world that is not at all hospitable to fat bodies.” Enjoy this video with the acclaimed American […]