Siri Hustvedt & Paul Auster: Interviewed Together

“Writing fiction is like remembering what never happened.” Two of the greatest contemporary American writers here talk about their own and each other’s oeuvre. Watch Siri Hustvedt and Paul Auster discuss current American politics and the book as a musical composition – and enjoy Hustvedt reading from her collection of essays ‘A Woman Looking at […]

Siri Hustvedt Interview: On Reading

In this short video, the critically-acclaimed writer Siri Hustvedt talks about how the best novels “deal with the ambiguity of human experience,” and compares the experience of reading to being possessed by another voice, arguing that this is why many men avoid reading books by women: “Because they have to submit themselves to the authority […]

Siri Hustvedt Interview: Art and Science

“I think physicists and poets are not as different as we like to think. The same unconscious processes are at work in both.” Watch award-winning writer Siri Hustvedt on getting into neuroscience at a late age, and how art and science benefit from each other. Hustvedt shares how fiction and non-fiction interact: “I now have […]