Tania Bruguera | Hyundai Commission | Tate

Acclaimed Cuban artist and activist Tania Bruguera talks about how she has approached the Hyundai Commission 2018, a community-driven response to the global migration crisis. The work’s title is an ever-increasing figure: the number of people who migrated from one country to another last year added to the number of migrant deaths recorded so far […]

Philippe Parreno – ‘It’s a Half-Mechanic, Half-Organic Machine’ | TateShots

In October 2016, Philippe Parreno transformed Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall into an immersive experience, challenging visitors’ perception of time and space with his Anywhen installation. Anywhen was a site-specific exhibition that changed throughout the day and that would evolve during the six-month period of the commission, until 2 April 2017. Visitors would have their senses activated and stimulated by a spectacular […]