CLUBHOUSE FOR ACTORS (Social Media Tips for Acting)

CLUBHOUSE FOR ACTORS (Social Media Tips for Acting)- Actors, if you’ve been on social media lately then you’ve heard about the Clubhouse App. Clubhouse can be a valuable tool to help you with your networking as an actor. There are directors, casting directors, showrunners and agents on the app actually telling you exactly what they […]

9 Fun Beauty Hacks For Girls To Try: Awesome Makeup Tricks and Tips

Hey girls! Are you ready to try fun beauty hacks? We prepared a bunch of awesome makeup tricks and all kinds of other beauty tips that you might find useful! Learn how to style your hair, apply makeup, and other cool DIY ideas! Stay tuned, girl pandas, for more beauty DIYs and funny situations from […]


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Sneak Snacks Into the Hospital! 8 Best DIY Tips || Awesome Pranks & Hacks by Crafty Panda Go

Hey there, sneaky Pandas! We all know the common fact that hospital food is just the worst! That’s why we came up with even more awesome food sneaking ideas just for you! Take a look at these awesome ways to sneak food into the hospital & edible DIY pranks! Don’t forget to stay tuned for […]

HOW TO GET PRESS FOR YOUR FILM, WEB SERIES OR SHOW (Marketing and PR tips for content creators)

HOW TO GET PRESS FOR YOUR FILM, WEB SERIES OR SHOW (PR tips for content creators) It’s a great time to be a content creator right now- It’s never been easier to create a web series, film or a show and get it out to the world (without having a huge marketing budget for your […]

MARKETING TIPS FOR ACTORS- Social Media Promotion Mistakes!

MARKETING TIPS FOR ACTORS- The biggest social media promotion mistakes for actors. Social media can be an awesome way to spread the word about your acting projects or content if you know how to do it correctly. But you have to be smart and savvy about how you promote yourself if you actually want to […]


Hey there, trickster Pandas! Are you up for some surprise pranks? We have prepared the top 10 best funny DIY ideas to prank your friends and family! Learn all kinds of crazy ways to trick them. Fill your sister’s toothpaste with worms or fill your friends’ drinks with toothpaste! These crazy food prank ideas and […]

IS IT A PRANK? Crazy DIY Prank Ideas To Fool Your Friends!

Hey there, Prankster Pandas! Can’t get enough pranks? We’ve got a bundle of crazy DIY prank ideas to fool your friends! Learn how to prank with a magnet and a cup, double-sided tape, and a bowl or discover a recipe for slimy Nutella! All of these funny prank ideas and more crazy situations are ready […]

GENIUS CLOTHES HACKS THAT LOOK AMAZING! 12 DIY Fashion Ideas, Clothes Tricks & Tips

Spring is already here! It’s time to renew your wardrobe! Try genius clothes hacks that are cheap but look amazing. We prepared a bunch of DIY fashion ideas that you can easily do at home: learn how to redesign your jeans, shoes, baseball caps, and all kinds of clothing. Stay tuned for more fashion tips […]

Passion for Sneaky FASHION! 7 Ways to Sneak Candy into a FASHION SHOW & Funny Situations

Hey there, Sneaky Pandas! Have you ever wanted to sneak your favorite sweets into a fashion show? Try making a candy belt or a pair of sweet shoes! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more fun ideas on how to sneak food by Crafty Panda Go! 00:00 Fruit Bag 01:18 Candy Belt 02:48 Candy Shoes […]

BEST SCHOOL PRANKS! 8 Fun Ways to Prank Your Friends || DIY School Pranks & Funny Situations

Hey there, Prankster Pandas! Wanna see some fun ways to prank your friends?? We challenge you not to laugh at these funny situations and the best school pranks! Try making a very colorful candy for your dearest friend or your own awesome slime out of aloe! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more DIY school […]

Mayonnaise Doughnut Prank! #Shorts

Do you have a friend that never says no to a doughnut? Then this prank is just for them! Fill doughnut with mayonnaise and server to your best friend for an epic prank! #Shorts Stay tuned for more food pranks and funny situations by subscribing to Crafty Panda GO! Love the music used in this […]