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OMG! CRAZY SCHOOL PRANKS. 12 DIY back to school pranks and hacks by 5-Minute crafts

Funny School Prank ideas only your Best Friends can handle Since most of us are now back to school, let’s have some fun with our friends. Today, I show you some hilarious pranks and other fun ideas that will make you laugh. All of them are lighthearted, so feel free to share them with your […]

REUSE! 27 Easy Hacks & DIY Ideas to Recycle Anything by 5-Minute Craft

Incredible DIY tricks and other fantastic recycling hacks that will save you money Are you looking for inspiration for your next craft project? Then, look no further than your own home. Today, we show you some incredible DIY crafts that will help you give a second life to the stuff you own. Let’s start with […]

25 EASY DECOR IDEAS || DIY Slime, Candle Crafts And Notebook Decor

Cool Decoration tricks and other incredible crafts to help you pass the time Are you also stuck at home and have no idea what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Today we show you some simple decoration ideas and other oddly satisfying crafts you can make in no time. Let’s start with a […]

HALLOWEEN PRANKS AND DIYs || Spooky Makeup And Costumes Ideas, Crazy Halloween Room Decor

Listen and download music here: https://www.gate.fm/gUMKhApvJ How to Prank everyone this Halloween with these spooky makeup hacks, creepy DIY costumes, and other eerie home decorations. Today we’re preparing you for Halloween, and we’re also preparing you for a good laugh since we share some spooky yet hilarious prank ideas to creep your friends out. One […]


Listen and download music here: https://www.gate.fm/gUMKhApvJ AMAZING HALLOWEEN DIYs AND OUTFITS THAT WILL IMPRESS EVERYONE THIS HALLOWEEN Are you guys ready for tomorrow? Today we’ve prepared some fantastic Halloween hacks that will make your next party unforgettable. We show you some easy DIY costumes you can make in 5 minutes and other cheap Halloween decorations […]

32 CLEVER FOOD HACKS TO MAKE IN 5 MINUTES || Tasty Recipes, Baking Tips And Kitchen Hacks

Listen and download music here: https://www.gate.fm/gUMKhApvJ Tasty treats, easy recipes, and baking hacks that will save you time when you’re cooking. Today, we bring you some of our best and most delicious treats we’ve prepared. You don’t need to be a chef to try out these hacks. Just follow the step-by-step tutorials to make tasty […]


Oddly satisfying crafts and ideas that will help you relax. One of the most relaxing things in the world is scrolling through social media and watching oddly satisfying videos. The problem is that those clips only last for a few seconds. So, to help you activate your ZEN mode, I show you a large compilation […]


Listen and download music here: https://www.gate.fm/gUMKhApvJ Clever ideas to make your life easier Everyday we may face troubles and uncomfortable situations. Got your flop flop broken? Or maybe discovered a hole on your new jeans? Your T-shirt is too tight for your waist? Or maybe you’re looking for a new way to style your hair? […]

ASMR VILLAGE FOOD || My 83 Years Grandma Cooking Pasta || Delicious Homemade Food And Recipes

The most satisfying ASMR cooking video you’ll ever see. Watch with sound (and headphones)! For those of you who don’t know what ASMR is. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a term used for the sensation people get when they watch “stimulating” videos. It’s a feeling of utter relaxation and what some others […]

SATISFYING PAINTING ART || Acrylic Pouring Paint Techniques || How to PAINT for beginners

Unique art ideas and satisfying painting tutorials to help you relax. Spending some of your free time painting is one of the most therapeutic things in the world. It releases your stress and helps you meditate. So, to inspire your next projects and help you improve your painting skills as a beginner artist, I show […]

FAKE SPONGE CAKE || 25 Crazy And Quick DIY Hacks | Clean, Tidy Up And Organize Your House

Unique ideas to help you tidy your home this fall. Today, I show you some quick cleaning ideas for your home and other organization hacks that will motivate you this season. If you’ve got slime stuck in your carpet, you can easily remove it with vinegar. First, try to get as much of the slime […]

12 Cool Recycling Crafts To Make At Home || Recycle Toys, Paper And Plastic

Easy crafts and other recycling DIYs you can make this weekend Being creative and getting crafty is one of the best ways to pass the time and exercise your brain. You give yourself a challenge by thinking about how a project should progress. So, to inspire your next crafty project, I’m showing you some of […]