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HOME ALONE! 32 Relatable Funny Situations & Cool Home Alone Ideas

Have you ever noticed how different you act when you are all alone? What crazy ideas stir up in your head when no one is there to see them, from singing in the shower to checking your fridge countless times! And suddenly you are a world-class dancer! Discover just how many relatable things you do […]

FUNNIEST SCHOOL PRANKS! 11 Ways to Prank Your Classmates & School Hack Ideas

Summer may have ended, but the fun never ends! Take a look at these awesome school prank ideas! Prank your friends with the side down coffee or make delicious chocolate cheese ball snacks to really prank their taste buds! All of these funny DIY school pranks are waiting for you, dear prankster! So stay tuned […]

Beautiful Girls’ Fashion Hacks! 11 Smart DIY Clothes Hack Ideas

Having a problem choosing an outfit? Let us help you with these beautiful girls’ fashion hacks and smart DIY clothes hack ideas! Learn how to make your jeans shine with a metallic look, discover the proper technique to acid-dip your shirt, or transform a plain T-shirt into a fancy dress! Stay tuned and discover even […]

SNEAK FOOD TO CLASS! 10 Edible School Supply DIY Ideas & School Hacks

That sneaky teacher has done it again! You thought only kids crave candies while in class? Oh no no no! Teachers crave goodness just as much! And they will try anything for that bite of a Kit Kat or a piece of Mentos! Who knew that socks can be a perfect hiding place for all […]

6 Fun DIY Costume Ideas For Home Or School Halloween Party

It’s getting dark and spooky, guys! That means that Halloween is right around the corner! So better get your Halloween costumes ready! Instead of scaring your friends this year, maybe let’s have more fun? We’ve prepared a bunch of fun DIY costume ideas that you can try whether you’re going to a home or school […]

Beautiful DIY Accessories and Cozy Home Decoration Ideas You Must Try!

Do you like one-of-a-kind accessories and home decor pieces? Well, you came to the right place! We have a bunch of DIY craft ideas just for that! Learn how to craft your own beautiful accessories like a necklace or earrings. Alternatively, see how to make a cozy jewelry tree or personalised ring dish to decorate […]

Spooky and Fun Halloween DIY Prank Ideas

Knock, knock! Trick or treat? We’ve got some great ideas for spooky Halloween tricks! Try one of our fun DIY prank ideas to prank your friends, family, or guests on Halloween night. We have it all prepared, from scary DIY costumes to edible eyeball recipes. So stay tuned and get ready for the scariest night […]


At-school hunger can strike you at any time! That’s why you need to always be prepared and have some snacks with you. But what to do if the teacher doesn’t allow you to bring any food to class? That’s where we can help you! We prepared a bunch of smart ways to sneak snacks into […]

Fun DIY Halloween Party Ideas! Scary Pranks, Snacks, and Decor Hacks

Halloween is right behind you, and you still don’t have any clue what to do for Halloween party night? Don’t worry! We have a bunch of fun DIY Halloween party ideas—everything from scary pranks to surprise your friends to party snacks and spooky Halloween decorations to set the mood! So stay tuned and get ready […]

12 Cool DIY Ways To Sneak Food Into Class & School Hack Ideas

Shhh! I’m sure you are clever enough to get past the candy inspector in school! But a few ideas can sure help, right? Get past the inspection by putting all of it in your glasses case! That didn’t work? How about making your own candy and making it look like paint or glue? Or sneak […]

6 Cool Halloween DIY Makeup and Spooky Costume Ideas

Getting ready for Halloween? We can help you with our cool Halloween DIY makeup and spooky costume ideas! Try on the look of FBI Zombie or Evil Clown girl to steal the spotlight at the Halloween party! Stay tuned for these Halloween costumes and more makeup ideas! 00:00 FBI Zombie Makeup 02:13 DIY Bloody Eyes […]

16 Best Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend! CRAZY COUPLE PRANKS

Hey there, lover Pandas! Take a look at these funny couple pranks & crazy prank ideas! Try pranking your boyfriend or girlfriend using one of the 16 best pranks that we can offer you! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more fun DIY prank ideas! 00:00 Fake Person Prank 00:50 Popping Balloon Ass 01:35 Fake […]