‘Water Fairy’ Making Process | Epoxy Clay Sculpture

Happy Saturday! This sculpture took me almost two months to finish, and I’m so excited to share the making process with you. I’ve been obsessed with water elements lately. I spent a lot of time figuring out the colors for the dress because I want the colors to complement the sculpt, and I was afraid using only blue tones will make it too plain. But I just went for it in the end, and sometimes you just have to go with your feels haha, and I love how it came out. The little pink cloud hat was pretty spontaneous; I wanted it to match with the pink swan. I was also inspired by traditional Chinese headdresses & hairpins, so I made the butterfly pendants. Hope you enjoy the video!


Artwork Info:
The pink cloud hat is removable.
Not available
Size: Approx. 11″L x 11″W x 24″H
Medium: Epoxy clay, acrylic paint, Swarovski rhinestones, ribbon, epoxy resin.

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▶︎ FAQ

What type of clay do you use?
– Epoxy clay, Apoxie Sculpt.

What do you use to smooth out the clay?
– Water.

How do you make the surface so smooth?
– A lot of sanding.

What paint do you use?
– Golden High Flow Fluid Acrylics.

What airbrush do you use?
– Iwata Neo CN Gravity-Feed Airbrush.

What glue do you use to attach rhinestones?
– E6000. Don’t forget to use it in a well-ventilated room and wear a mask while using it. 🙂

What glue do you use to attach the lashes?
– Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control.

What do you use to seal your sculptures?
– Golden Matte Spray Varnish & art resin.

How do you attach the doll wig?
– I put a little epoxy clay on the back of the head and used it as an adhesive.



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0:00 – Patreon highlights
2:00 – Sculpting process
20:52 – Painting process
34:04 – Finished look

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